Volt for Windows

Thank you for testing Volt for Windows!

Unlike the macOS build which has been out for a couple of weeks and is now very stable with zero crashes reported, the Windows build is a bit rough around the edges. But it will be just as good in a week or so ;)

The binary is signed with the company certificate, but looks like Microsoft needs to collect usage data on apps before it stops marking them "unrecognized". If you get a "Windows protected your PC" dialog, click on "More info" (publisher should be "VOLT.WS LTD") and "Run anyway".

If you have a high resolution display, the text and images might be blurry. Right click volt.exe => Properties => Compatibility => Change high DPI settings => Override high DPI scaling => System (Enhanced). This will dramatically improve the quality of the text rendering.

Right now the size of the Windows build is much larger (2 MB vs 350 KB) due to a libcurl dependency. It will soon be removed.

The initial loading of channels is temporarily slow.

If Volt crashes, please restart and try again. All crash reports are automatically submitted for faster fixing.

Download Volt for Windows