Volt for Linux

Thank you for testing Volt for Linux!

Unlike the macOS build which has been out for a couple of weeks and is now very stable with zero crashes reported, the Linux build is a bit rough around the edges. But it will be just as good in a week or so ;)

Run Volt from a terminal with


If you have a high resolution display and the text is too small, run Volt with

./volt hidpi

Volt has the following dependencies: libcurl, curl, glfw. (Soon none of them will be necessary.)

On Ubuntu you can install them with

sudo apt install -y libcurl3 curl libglfw3 


yum install -y libcurl curl glfw 

Volt also needs Firefox for authentication. Most Linux users should already have Firefox installed.

GTK or Qt are not used.

If Volt crashes, please restart and try again. All crash reports are automatically submitted for faster fixing.

Known issues:

- Right now only monospace font is supported
- Settings, help (?), and accounts (+) are not clickable
- Only one Slack account
- Huge memory leak in text rendering (will be fixed asap)
- Scroll bar can't be moved
- Resizing doesn't work
- Search doesn't work
- Input can only have one line of text

Download Volt for Linux